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Kneeling Astronaut

Voice Over


Motion Capture


Facial Capture


Everything from interactive, narration, commercial, and more. If it's captured sonically with a mic, we got it covered.


Facial, Hand, Motion, and Performance capture. Bring your characters and stories to life, without using stock or virtual animations. 


Every quirk, flutter of emotion, and every nuance will be captured of your characters face. Turning them into a living and breathing reality.


Performance Capture


Reel Creation


Mobile Solutions


Fully capture a performer from head-to-toe. Digitally and virtually create your unique scenario, and see it manifest from a vision, into reality.


Not having footage of what you can do, is the number one pitfall of not being taken serious as a professional. We know the constantly changing genres and looks of reels.


Want your entire team present at your first, or next shoot? We got you covered! We specialize in mobile  Mocap capturing, voice over recordings, and shoots. Work on the fly with your whole team in unison. 




Techs and Crew


Post Production


We have dedicated crews to help you flesh out your screenplay, voice over timed scripts, or even stunt coordinate your Mocap shoot. We've seen it all, and can help create it too.


Need a squad to help you run an op? We have multiple battle-hardened cadets ready at your command.

*We charge a premium for venturing to planets with little, or no oxygen.


Just need a quick edit, reshoot, VFX addition, tweak to footage or renders you already have? Shoot them to us, and we'll get everything done for you faster than hitting warp 5!

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