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Who is Dropship Studios LA?...

At the heart of it all... We're nerds! Nerds who love all things tech so much-that we made a business of it. You don't venture to as many star systems as we have, without experiencing state of the art technology, gear, and innovative design. We're at the heart of it all.


Our crew is passionate and driven by the imagination of our clients ideas and what our bandwidth can create collaboratively. We aren't motivated by galactic credits (income), and don't depend on projects to keep the Dropship's lights on, or fuel in its tank. We do this, because we're great at it. Put simply... We love this work! We also pride ourselves as being a company dedicated to leading the charge in helping female talent and performers of color, have a fighting chance to work in some of the latest projects to date.


You can find us at every conference, showcase, and tech venue, always with something new to show. Los Angeles on Earth, is where our base of operations are, and that place is just as crazy as some of the harshest of planets we've ventured to. 

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