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When you've been to as many star systems as we have, and work on as many projects as we do-you tend to come across some pretty colorful characters. These companies are tried and true, and hands down the best at what they do. We're honored to have worked on projects with these companies, and DRPSLA vouches for each and every one of them:


If you've ever heard of the word "innovation", then it's always referencing anything the ICVR Team is currently working on. Everything from: virtual production, engineering, art asset creation, to digital humans, and more! Their team is simply amazing.


Our partners in tech, across the pond in the UK! During the process of making the world’s first micro-budget motion capture project, Unlimited Motion realized that there was a vibrant community of other indie creators who could benefit from their technology. They're always working on something new, and can be found utilizing the latest technology devices and pushing the boundaries.


Simply the best place to train in all things motion and performance capture. With multiple locations in the US and the UK, The Vaults churns out hot, new up and coming talent, as well as having access to the most notable performers in gaming, interactive, VR, and film to date. Many Dropship Cadets have risen through the ranks of the Vaults curriculum, and it remains the bar for all others to beat.


Richard "The Mocap Man" Dorton is a hurricane. From performing in some of the biggest projects on this planet, to directing, stunt coordinating, instructing, to casting the hottest new games, VR experiences, and movies, if it has to do with movement- Richard will be a part of it. If you need a top notch performer, Richard's casting expertise and bandwidth has no rival. It is beyond an honor to have worked with The Mocap Man on a few projects, that have left even us in awe.


If you ever travel to  Los Angeles, there's three places you must visit. One: Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Two: Venice Beach. and Three: SoundBoxLA. If LA was a tattoo, sb:LA would be it! This studio churns out the best in recording capabilities for everything from commercials, audiobooks, video games, and celebrity voice overs, just to name a few. With multiple locations all over the US, if you need that upper echelon of all things audio-it just doesn't get any better.


One of the most unique companies ever created, and the best at what they do. The Scan Truck is a mobile photogrammetry studio that offers the most cutting edge technologies to deliver you the highest quality 3D assets for your Feature Films, VR Productions, Video Games, TV, Commercials and more. Our state of the art system features over 200 DSLR cameras to capture the uppermost, photorealistic models. We consciously aligned our team of positively charged, high integrity industry professionals and innovators who will be here to support you on your entire journey with The Scan Truck and beyond.


Two of the most innovative and ahead of their time future companies, combined forces to create a digital human from scratch. A huge undertaking, with multiple complexities, and satellite teams all over the world, working towards a one of a kind experience. ICVR's and The Scan Truck's "Digital Human" project stole the show at Siggraph 2019. 




  • Photorealistic digital human photogrammetry reconstruction

  • Game engine-ready assets

  • Live driving through facial and body capture

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