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Dropships Voice Matching Workout is the perfect compliment to any actors career, no matter what stage it happens to be in. Sounding like favorited celebrities is beyond lucrative, as many of them simply aren't available to record-leaving a voice matching professional to come to the rescue. 


This workout will teach you to develop your vocal skills, and create unique styles to match the sound of your favorite celebrities. With our professional vocal instructor(s) who do this for a living, you'll learn the techniques and skills to create a voicematch that will stand out from the crowd.


This workout will also help you to develop your vocal range and increase your confidence in speaking, performing, and best of all... Build another income stream for your acting career. Get ready to be the star of the show with this unique voice matching workout!


*Jason Linere's Voice Matching talent can be heard on various recent projects. He contiues to voice match for celebrities such as:


Bill Paxton

Shameik Moore

Chris Hemsworth

Jaime Fox

Jordan Peel