V.I.C.O. is Dropship Studios LA's personal virtual assistant. Built using advanced state of the art digital waveform algorithms from the ground up to plan ahead and run trillions of tasks and calculations a second, all with human interests at the forefront. To put it simply, he runs all the day-to-day operations, and flight paths.

Everything from corresponding with potential clients, to informing the crew of any hostile or hazardous situations that may befall them, while taking care of a clients needs. He's quirky, lighthearted, and one of a kind. 

Have an inquiry on the process, or rate for a new project? Ping V, and he'll walk you through everything. 

*Don't feel obligated to laugh at his jokes, however it will keep him chipper.




Virtual. Intelligent. Curator. of Operations.


We adhere above and beyond to every COVID-19 guideline! 🚀